The purchase of a swimming pool is possibly one of the largest investments you will ever make, but the temperature of the water can keep you from using that investment to the fullest. Adding heat of any kind will undoubtedly add value and enjoyment to your backyard investment.The addition of solar will not only add value ,but keep the on going costs to a minimum. Energy can be costly, each year families will spend thousands of dollars on gas or electricity to heat their swimming pool.Heat pumps and Gas heaters are great and definitely have their place, but the added energy cost and drain on your budget may be the final reason you need to switch to solar heating.

Pool heating Solutions has the knowledge both in heating as well as swimming pool operations from their over 30 years of experience to show you what will work best for your particular situation and swimming needs. Let us share that knowledge with you.

Most commercial pools are heated by the use of gas heaters. Although by the use of this heating method you are always guaranteed warm water, it by all means is not the most energy efficient or cost effective way to do so.

The sun is most abundant & cost effective way to heat your swimming pool. Whether the swimming pool is large or small we can save you money in energy costs .Let us show you how you can reduce your energy consumption, therefore reducing your annual costs and still have the water temperature that is enjoyable to all. The addition of solar swimming pool water heating is a great way to add to your environmentally efficient program, lets all help by reducing our energy consumption and do our part to help preserve the environment.

Whether your swimming pool is a community pool, a sports facility or a resort pool, energy costs are something you can reduce by harnessing the sun natural energy. Let us show you how.


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