The highest water clarity with the lowest amount of fuss. Quad D.E. filter combines the finest filtration available for the most sparkling clear water with the convenience and easy cleaning features usually found only in a cartridge filter. Four easily-accessible and removable D.E. cartridges simplify maintenance and save time.

Cartridge Style Filter

  • Four large-capacity cartridges provide maximum filter surface area for greater dirt-trapping capacity and longer periods between cleanings
  • Unique internal flow path ensures optimum filtration and backwashing efficiency
  • Chemical resistant, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for exceptional strength and long life
  • Easily removable cartridge elements make maintenance fast and easy
  • Water flows through the Quad D.E. Cartridge Style Filters so efficiently that your pump will use less energy

Note: Operating Limits – maximum continual operating pressure of 50 psi. Pool/spa (bather) applications, maximum operating water temperature (internal filter) 104°F (40°C).

Product Features

Product Components

  1. Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for long life—will not corrode
  2. 2” plumbing connections for maximum flow
  3. 1 ½” drain for easy and efficient cleanout and 100% draining

Four-Cartridge Design

The Quad DE filter’s four large-capacity cartridges provide maximum filter surface area for greater dirt-trapping capacity. When water passes through these cartridges, microscopic impurities like dirt, algae and some forms of bacteria are filtered out, giving you water that really sparkles.

Particle Filtration Comparison

D.E. Filter

Less than 5 Microns

Cartridge Filter

10-30 Microns

Sand Filter

20-100 Microns

Simple and Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the Quad D.E. filter couldn’t be easier. You have three options: backwash and recharge like a traditional D.E. filter, remove and rinse off the cartridges, or simply remove the lid, leave the cartridges in place, open the drain plug and rinse.

Product Resources

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